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Изпъление на делегирани задачи

Execution of delegated tasks

Optimize your time properly, delegate some of your responsibilities. 

   The modern business environment is quite dynamic, this also reflects on the employees, who in order to be able to cope with this dynamic environment, must very well prioritize tasks and optimize their time. 

We know how difficult this is, and that's why we created the Delegated Task service. This service allows you to delegate some of your responsibilities to us, instead of wasting your valuable time on trivial things. In this hectic daily life, it is sometimes quite difficult to organize your duties at work, not to mention when you add to them personal commitments.

 You need to go to enter a document  in an institution, but you have an important meeting, you have two options - to go to enter the documents and be late for the meeting or to leave the entry of documents  for after the meeting, but then it is likely that the administration has already closed. Here we come with the " delegated task " service. We can easily come to you, pick up the entry documents and bring them to the institution while you are in a meeting. We will then deliver the incoming number to you. 

This is just one example of how useful this service can be. It allows it to be used by anyone, in many cases - coordination of project documentation, certification of documents, notarization of powers of attorney, movement of documents, entry of documents at PEA, entry of cases in the Sofia City Court, SRS, etc., delivery and certification of invoices, delivery of insurance policies, sending a power of attorney to customs, obtaining a certificate of current status and much more ...

 The advantage of the " delegated task " service is that it can shorten the time to complete your tasks. Through it, you can delegate a task to several of our employees at the same time, so it is possible to do everything in just a few hours. It is possible to send one person to enter documents in an institution, another to take a contract from a client or to certify invoices in the accounting and all this while you do your other duties. 

 It all looks pretty futuristic, doesn't it? But it is already a fact. Delegate your duties to us and we will fulfill them for you today! 

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