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Входиране на документи

Entry of documents . 

   The Bulgarian administration is extremely cumbersome. We have all encountered it. Undoubtedly, a lot of nerves are wasted in order to be able to enter a document or submit a certificate or application. They are sent from directorate to directorate and all the same, no one knows what is happening and where exactly you have to go. Not to mention, you have to enter three or four documents. 

In order not to waste your time and nerves, you can take advantage of the " delegated task " service, the service itself is designed for people with hectic daily lives who can not afford to unwind or just for people who have to perform a number of duties on one and same time. 

 The entry of documents is an inevitable process, in Bulgaria the online system for entering documents can still be said to be non-existent, and in the institutions where there is such a system, it requires the documents to be presented in original. Many people and companies turn to a courier company to send documents to institutions. But most courier companies only deliver these documents, and when a wait is required to process the documents and retrieve an incoming number, they may not be helpful. In these cases, a person from the organization must go to enter the documents with which action disrupts his overall work process. That is why we provide you with the delegated task service. Through it, our courier will deliver the documents to the institution, will wait for their processing and entry, will take the incoming number and will deliver it to you within the day.  

  Very often the requirements of the entry institutions change and they require a different set of documents. In such a case, we will return to pick up all the documents from you and enter them on the same day. 

You may be wondering when entering documents does not require a power of attorney for the person who must enter the document. Very few institutions and very few procedures require such a power of attorney. If a power of attorney is required and you often send entry documents, you can prepare a power of attorney to the courier company , authorizing it to enter documents in institutions on your behalf.

 The document entry service is also suitable for companies based outside Sofia, we can import your documents for you. Without having to send your employee on a business trip to Sofia , just to  one document enters. 

The price of a shipment is calculated as follows:

1.  Determine which shipment falls into which of the four categories

Documents - A4 document shipment
Shipping 30x20x20cm.
  - Shipment with maximum dimensions up to 30x20x20 cm.
Shipping 60x30x30cm. - Shipment with maximum dimensions up to 60x30x30 cm.
Shipping 150x40x40cm. - Shipment up to 1.5 m long and portable at once.
Shipping 200x50x50cm. - Shipment up to 2 m. length and not more than 5 pcs. packages.


2. Determine the collection and delivery addresses in which zone they fall. The zones are determined according to       neighborhoods in Sofia, each neighborhood falls into a certain area.


3. Open in the Price Tables, the Documents table, Shipment 30x20x20cm., Shipment 60x30x30cm., Shipment 150x40x40cm. or Shipment 200x50x50 cm, depending on the shipment. Check the pick-up and delivery area numbers. 

** The price table is only for the city of Sofia and the nearby settlements around Sofia. You can calculate the delivery price for another location using the calculator

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