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Do you want the products you offer to reach your customers quickly? 

Join the Delegate store and give customers an option  you are
get your purchases today! 

Delegate store is a marketplace,  through which customers receive  the products they want within the working day or even faster.  We believe that the speed of product delivery is  would make  the potential consumer to order from one or another trader. 

Conditions for inclusion in the platform 

  • Your business needs it  to be positioned in Sofia.

  • You must be able to prepare the shipment for collection within 30 minutes of arrival in the system.

  • You owe a commission on the value of the product, only on sale.

  • No monthly fee for participation in the platform

Start selling in a few easy steps

Send us an email that you want your business to be included in the platform. 
All you have to do is bring the products into your store. 

Get involved now!

Thank you for your time!

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