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куриер с наложен платеж

We can issue the receipt
to your sales for you!

With the " Cash receipt for sale " service you can assign us to issue a cash receipt from our cash register for your sale and receive your money in a bank account.

By using the service, you transfer to us the obligation to issue the receipt and do not issue a receipt from your cash register.  

In order to register your sales, through our cash register it is necessary to conclude a trust agreement with us in advance, which will legally release you from the obligation to issue the cash receipt for the sale.
By signing the agreement, you will assign this obligation to us.

изпращане на пратка с куриер
доставка с куриер
касов бон от куриера
наложен платеж по банков път

You receive an order from a customer

We pick up and deliver your shipment

We issue the receipt for you from our cash register 

We translate  the money  on
your bank account.

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