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Subject and general provisions

1. These General Terms and Conditions of the contract between DIRECT.BG EOOD, hereinafter referred to as DELEGATES and its end users, regulate the terms and conditions for the provision of postal services.

2. These General Terms and Conditions are binding on DELEGATES and the USER and are an integral part of the individual contract concluded between them, if any.

The end users of the services can be all individuals, as well as sole traders and legal entities.


Scope and characteristics of the services

4. DELEGATES provides the following express courier services, as well as additional services to them, on the territory of the city of Sofia with a fixed execution time, which starts from the moment of acceptance of the order by the courier for execution. The time of acceptance is considered to be the exact time at which the courier has confirmed the execution of the order in the online platform of DELEGATES.​

4.1.  DELEGATES provides the following courier services through its established network:  ​

4.1.1.   Direct delivery.

4.1.2.   Standard delivery.

4.1.3.   Economical.

4.2.  The additional services that DELEGATES provides are:  ​

4.2.1.   Fixed time - fixed time for collection or delivery - interval 30 minutes.

4.2.2.   Delegated task - entering a document in an instance. Waiting for documents to be processed. Get an incoming number. Execution of a delegated task outside the standard courier service.

4.2.3.   Courier stay - courier stay over 10 minutes.

4.2.4.   Cash on delivery - delivery of a shipment against payment by the recipient of an amount determined by the sender up to the amount of BGN 100.

4.2.5.   Receipt - notification of the sender with a document certifying the delivery of the shipment to the recipient, confirmed by the signature of the person who accepted the shipment on the document for receipt or absence of the recipient or his refusal to accept the shipment, certified by a record on the document.

Return rate - shipment with return to the sender on the same business day for return of cash on delivery, stamped documents, return receipt, etc.


Terms of access

5. DELEGATES shall ensure equal access for all customers to the services provided.

6. The contract between DELEGATES and the USER is considered concluded with the delivery of the postal item to the courier.

7. Acceptance of a shipment for delivery is carried out by a courier visiting the address specified by the subscriber on request or on a pre-agreed schedule. The shipment is delivered to the recipient of the address against a signature.

In case of wrong address, the delivery of the current address to the recipient is redirected, after the consent of the applicant. The amount for the new delivery is due from the country that requested the change.

In case there was no person at the address to accept the shipment, the applicant shall be notified, who shall pay for each subsequent visit as a separate shipment.


Requirements for quality and efficiency of service

8. Delivery time

8.1. The term of delivery of the shipment depends on its type and starts from the moment of acceptance of the order by the courier for execution. The time of acceptance is considered to be the exact time at which the courier has confirmed the execution of the order in the online platform of DELEGATES.

8.1.1.   Direct delivery with a lead time of up to 90 minutes from the date of acceptance of the order by courier.

8.1.2.   Standard delivery with a lead time of up to 3 hours from the date of acceptance of the order by courier.

8.1.3.   Economical delivery with a delivery time of 3 hours until the end of the next working day.

8.1.4.   The deadline for payment of the amounts from the "cash on delivery" service, as well as the return of the "Return receipt" document is up to 24 hours from the delivery of the shipment.

9.  When DELEGATES delivers the shipment later than the agreed deadline, the consumer is entitled to compensation according to item 20 of the GTC


Methods of payment

10. The prices of the services are determined by the postal operator, according to the requirements of the Postal Services Act and are prepaid by the consumers. Payment is made in cash or by bank transfer within ten days of receipt of the invoice.

11. The postal services may also be paid for within the terms determined in accordance with the concluded individual contracts under item 2 of these General Terms and Conditions.

12. The prices for payment of the services are indicated by types in the price list of DELEGATES.

12.1.   The prices under item 12 shall be provided to the Commission for Regulation of Communications for information within 10 days before their entry into force.

12.2.   The DELEGATES price list is published on the DELEGATES website.

12.3.   The prices specified in the individual contract under item 2 may not be higher than the prices under item 12.


Conditions for acceptance and delivery of postal items

13.   DELEGATES accepts shipments from consumers in a form that meets the following requirements: The packaging must be reliable for the protection of the object, to ensure the firmness and reliability of the shipment, to have internal and external insulation of objects against mechanical damage. Shipments covered only with polyethylene film and / or thin paper are considered unpackaged and are not accepted by the courier for execution. Once the consignment has been received by the sender, it has been accepted by the operator and is considered to be properly packaged. Packaging that does not secure the item against the usual risks of transport is inappropriate and may be refused.


Rights and obligations of consumers and postal operators

14.   Consumers have the right to:

14.1.  to require the conclusion of a contract for the use of all postal services offered by DELEGATES;

14.2.  to receive the services under Section II with quality and parameters of the services, according to item 8 and item 9;

14.3.  to receive complete information about the characteristics and parameters of the services offered under item 4;

14.4.  to submit requests, complaints and proposals and to receive answers within the term under item 17.4. of these General Terms and Conditions;

14.5.  to address complaints and signals to the Communications Regulation Commission;

14.6.  to receive compensation for damages caused by DELEGATES under Section IX;

14.7.  to get their shipment back if the consignee refuses to accept it, paying the appropriate amount to DELEGATES for the return course.

15.  Users undertake:

15.1.  to prepare the shipment in a form that meets the requirements of item 13

15.2.  to prepay the price of the service, according to the prices announced under item 12, unless otherwise specified in the individual contract or supplementary agreement;

15.3.  to be liable for damages caused to DELEGATES, and their liability shall be commensurate with the damage suffered.

15.4.  Users are obliged to provide the most complete and accurate information about the recipient of the shipment.

16.  DELEGATES has the right to:

16.1.  require the consignment to be in an appropriate form and in packaging for transport that does not endanger the integrity or contents of other consignments;

16.2.  not to accept shipments that do not meet the requirements of item 13 or contain substances or materials prohibited for transport, listed in item 18;

16.3.  to receive compensation from consumers for damage caused by their shipments to DELEGATES or other shipments;

16.4.  to conclude individual contracts and / or agreements for additional services.

17.  DELEGATES undertakes:

17.1.  to guarantee all users equal access to the services offered;

17.2.  to keep the secrecy of the correspondence during and after the performance of the service;

17.3.  to provide users with information on all characteristics of the services, including their prices, as well as at the request of users information on the terms and conditions of use of the services;

17.4.  to consider and take opinions on requests, complaints and suggestions from consumers within one month from the date of their submission;

17.5.  to keep and keep a register of the received requests, complaints and proposals, their reasons and validity and the actions taken after their consideration. The data from the register are stored for a period of 12 months, in compliance with the current rules for personal data protection;

17.6.  to indemnify consumers in accordance with Section IX.

17.7.  to inform the Consumers as soon as possible about restrictions in the provision of services imposed by the competent authorities in exceptional circumstances or in connection with the national security and defense of the country;

17.8.  to perform the service paid by the consumer with the quality parameters defined in item 8 and item 9.

17.9.  to place its General Terms and Conditions and price lists in prominent places in the offices and on its website and to provide them free of charge to users upon request.


Prohibited items and substances

18.  DELEGATES, prohibits the placing in domestic and international postal items of the following articles and substances:

18.1.  Narcotic, intoxicating, psychotropic and poisonous substances;

18.2.  Weapons, explosives, incendiary or other dangerous substances and objects;

18.3.  Articles and substances which, by their nature or packaging, endanger the life and health of DELEGATES employees or others or may contaminate or damage other consignments and equipment;

18.4.  Religious materials of sects and organizations banned or not registered in the country;

18.5.  Movable cultural monuments for which no permit or certificate has been issued;

18.6.  Coins, banknotes, banknotes, traveler's checks, items of value to the sender, platinum, gold, silver, worked or unworked precious stones and other valuables may not be placed in postal items, with the exception of items of declared value. .

18.7.   Bottled alcoholic beverages falling within CN code 2208 with excise stamps indicating the nominal quantity in liters, lower or higher than the capacity of the respective bottle (Art. 99, para. 1, item 2 of the ZADS);

18.8.   Bottled alcoholic beverages with CN code 2208 without excise label, when one with obligatory, affixed with false or counterfeit excise label or with expired excise label (Art. 99, para 1, item 3 of ZADS);

18.9.   Bottled alcoholic beverages falling within CN code 2208 with DUTY FREE excise label (Art. 99, para. 1, item 4 of the ZADS);

18.10.  Tobacco products without excise label, when such is obligatory, affixed with a false or counterfeit excise label or with an excise label has expired (Art. 99, para 2, item 2 of ZADS);

18.11.  Tobacco products in bulk or in individual pieces and pieces of open packaging, except in cases of sale of hand-rolled cigars (Article 99, paragraph 2, item 3 of the ZADS);

18.12.  Tobacco products with an inscription that must contain the words DUTY FREE (Art. 99, para. 2, item 4 of the ZADS);

18.13.  Hand-rolled cigarettes or cigarettes made of blanks with a filter, in a quantity of more than 40 pieces (Art. 99, para. 2, item 5 of the ZADS);

18.14.  Tobacco waste that does not constitute smoking tobacco (for pipes and cigarettes) within the meaning of Art. 12 of ZADS, except for the exceptions provided by law (Art. 99, para 2, item 6 of ZADS);

18.15.  Tobacco products with a valid Bulgarian excise label, which are sent for sale by traders who do not have a permit for the sale of tobacco products (Article 100a, paragraph 1 of the ZADS);

18.16.  Tobacco products with a Bulgarian valid excise label, which are sent for sale by individuals who are not sole traders (Article 100a, paragraph 2 of the ZADS);

18.17.  Bulk (non - bottled) alcoholic beverages falling within CN code 2208 and having an alcoholic strength of 15% MA1 or more. (art. 101, para. 1 and 2 of ZADS);

18.18.  Alcoholic beverages with CN code 2208 and with an alcohol content equal to and exceeding 15% MA1, in plastic packaging (bottles) over 0.5 liters (Article 101, paragraphs 3 and 4 of the ZADS).


Complaints and compensation procedures

19.   Consumers have the right to complain in case of damaged, lost, robbed or destroyed shipments, as well as in case of non-compliance with quality standards and non-compliance by DELEGATES with contractual obligations.

20.   For those considered to be justified claims, the amount of compensation is as follows:

a)     For delayed shipment - when the shipment is delivered later than the agreed time, the compensation is equal to the value of the paid service.

  b) For returned postal parcels, when there are no reasons for non-delivery, the compensation is equal to the value of the paid service.​

c) For lost, fully or partially damaged or robbed postal items - the operator owes compensation of up to BGN 100 (one hundred BGN) per item, upon presentation of appropriate evidence certifying the value of the item and the damage.​

d) Upon a reasonable complaint submitted by the User for non-compliance with the term for payment of Cash on Delivery, DELEGATES owes compensation up to the amount of the value of the Cash on Delivery service specified in the Operator's Tariff.

21.   Consumers exercise their right under item 19 by submitting complaints and complaints to DELEGATES.

22.   DELEGATES only accepts written complaints submitted within 6 months from the date of acceptance of the shipment. The written declaration is submitted to the DELEGATES office in Sofia, 7 Raina Knyaginya Str., Together with an attached transport document. DELEGATES does not respond to complaints submitted after this deadline, as well as to complaints without a signed protocol for the damaged shipment.

23.   The deadline for responding to a complaint is 30 days.


Procedure for resolving disputes and other essential conditions for the provision and use of postal services

24.  Disputes between DELEGATES and the USER are resolved through direct negotiations between them. In the event of disagreement, either Party may request the assistance of

The Communications Regulation Commission or to refer the dispute to the competent Bulgarian court.


Personal data

25. DELEGATES processes personal data provided by users for the purpose of carrying out its lawful commercial activities in accordance with applicable law, including as an operator providing non-universal postal services. DELEGATES processes personal data on the physical identity of users, which may be disclosed and provided to third parties natural and legal persons in the cases provided for in applicable law, as well as for the performance of services provided by DELEGATES. By using the DELEGATES services, users agree to the DELEGATES privacy policy available at Disagreement with the privacy policy means the refusal of consumers to enter into a contractual relationship with DELEGATES.

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