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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the delivery price fixed?

No. The price of delivery depends on several variables: the addresses of collection and delivery of the shipment, the type of shipment and the urgency of execution. 

You can calculate the price in calculator on the site. 

How can I calculate how much the delivery will cost me?

No, but you can pay online by card after ordering a courier through our online platform. 

Can I pay directly with the courier card? 
I want to send a bouquet, which category should I mark? 

For a standard bouquet you have to mark the category mini package,  for a larger bouquet or basket you must indicate the package category.

Често задавани въпроси към градските куриери

 No, we make deliveries by car. 

Can I send a pallet through you?

Yes, you can track your shipment through the online platform and after it is delivered you can see the name and signature of the person who accepted your shipment.

Can I track my shipment? 

Cash on delivery up to BGN 200 shall be paid if possible immediately upon receipt of the shipment, in case of cash on delivery over BGN 200, it shall be paid if possible on the same day or at the latest on the next working day. 

When and how are the imposed payments paid?

The courier can tell the recipient that the shipment is a surprise, but by law, if he wants to know the sender's name, the courier will tell him. 

I want to send a gift through you, is it possible not to say the name of the sender?

If you request a courier online, you can enter your notification email address in the order and once your shipment is delivered, you will receive a notification email.

How do I know that the courier has delivered my shipment?

No, we are not authorized to transfer money.

Can I send money through you?

 No problem. To do this, in the field "Pick up from me" enter the address from which you want to pick up a shipment, and in the section "Deliver to me" your delivery address. 

Can I order a courier, but he should not come to us first, but go to another address to pick up a shipment and then deliver it to us?

You can request a courier through the online application, and registration is not even required, you can also apply for a courier as a guest. You can also request a courier by phone. 

How to order a courier?

Yes, you can check which zone the address falls into here: Zones

I don't know exactly in which zone my address falls, is there a way to check it?

No, it is not necessary. You can also request a courier as a guest. 

Do I need to register to request a courier?

We are city couriers and we make deliveries only on the territory of Sofia and nearby settlements. But we have the option of direct travel in the country, but the price is determined per kilometer.

Can I send an urgent shipment through you to the country?

If there is no printed bill of lading, the courier will write  bill of lading on site. 

If the order is to be taken from our office,  who will write a bill of lading?

You can order them easily through our online platform, using the "upload via excel" option 

How can I order a large volume of shipments? 
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