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You are overwhelmed with commitments

Delegate some of them to us and we will fulfill them for you

Delegate  not only deliveries but also tasks.  Optimize your time! 

Service Delegated Task is the latest addition to our portfolio of services. The idea for the creation of this service stems from the ever-accelerating pace at which the business environment is moving and not the ability of people in small and medium-sized businesses to cope with this pace.

To illustrate the application of the services more clearly, we will try to answer a series of questions:


What is the service?   

The delegated task service is, simply put, hiring an employee to perform a task for you while you are busy or just want to take a break from your routine duties.

Who is the service for?   

The delegated task service is designed for everyone, both legal entities and individuals, who are trying to cope with the lack of time resulting from our hectic daily lives, maintain and offer high new to their services, but do not have the necessary capacity of people to back them up.

How is the price of the service calculated?

   The price for the performance of the delegated task is calculated as a surcharge on the courier service.

ExampleDo you want to enter a document? The price is calculated by taking the price for the specific type of delivery and its speed from your location to the institution where you want the document to be entered, then add the "delegated task" allowance, which is + 4.80  VAT included.

In case you want an incoming number or document returned to you, another surcharge is charged:
    - Reverse course, when you want the incoming number or document to be returned to you on the same day. 
    - Return receipt, when it is possible for the incoming number or document to be returned to you within 24 hours of entering.

Делегирана задача
Делегирана задача
Stressed Man

What are the advantages of the service?

   Don't lose your valuable take, to perform routine duties, you can do more work in less time. 

Example : You have to enter a document in an institution, you have to bring a contract for signature to clients and let's not forget that you have to finish the work in the office for the day. With the help of the "delegated task" service you can send one of our couriers to enter your documents and return the incoming number while you sign the contract with the client, or you can shorten and  this procedure by sending a courier to bring the contract for signature and after he is ready to return it to you. And during this time you will do your work in the office without unwinding, so you do not waste your time and you can be much more functional

You can be sure that everything will be done on time, because there is always someone to take your request and fulfill it.

What services can we perform?

   With the delegated task service it is possible to perform almost everything, the only condition is that it is positioned on the territory of the city of Sofia or nearby settlements and that the implementation itself is possible.

Examples :

  • Coordination of project documentation in all instances. Coordination of projects until construction permit. Coordination of projects in CEZ, Sofiyska Voda, Street Lighting, Sofia District Heating, Green System, PBZN, Overgas and Vivacom.

  • Entry of documents in the NRA . Certification of documents in the NRA large taxpayers

  • Entry of documents in SANS  

  • Notarization of powers of attorney with a notary.

  • Entry and movement of documentation for issuing a marketing authorization for a medicinal product in  Executive Agency for Medicines. Entry of documents on mutual recognition procedure.  

  • Entry of documents with the PEA. Entering an application for seizure.

  • Entry of cases in the Sofia City Court, SCC, etc. and return an incoming number today.

  • Delivery and certification of invoices in BILLA, METRO, COME, Kaufland, Megatron,, Euromarket, Doverie Brico, DM, Sanrock and all other chain stores, waiting for a place to process them and return the certified copies within the day.

  • Delivery of insurance policies, filling in the policies with the client and returning the signed copies today.

  • Send a power of attorney to customs today.

  • Obtaining a certificate of current status from the Registry Agency and delivery of the finished document to.

  • Submission of all types of documents by instances, waiting for their processing and taking an incoming number, return receipt, handover protocol, etc.

  • And much more…

If you want us to perform a service for you, but you are not sure if we can perform it, you can call us (02 928 98 98) or send an inquiry to and we will return an answer immediately if you we may fulfill your request.

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