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Entry of documents in the NRA

You have to submit documents to the National Revenue Agency (NRA), there are several options to do so.  

You can enter documents  personally, in each of the offices of the NRA, but this is associated with queuing and waiting in lines in the administration, which will take much of your time, because still a large number of people submit their applications or documents on paper directly to the administration , not online. 

 The electronic submission of documents is done through a pre-issued qualified electronic signature (QES) or personal identification code (PIC).  Obtaining a personal identification code is free of charge from any office of the Revenue Agency, but it still means going there and stating that you want to communicate with the administration on the Internet. 

Another option for submitting and submitting documents and applications is through a courier company . This saves you time and nerves when queuing. You can also use a courier company if you want to submit your documents and applications online, but do not have an electronic signature or personal identification code. Our couriers can go to the NRA and submit your application to the NRA that you want to be issued a runway, the courier will also wait until it is ready and will bring it to you directly . 

 When submitting documents by courier , we guarantee 100% security and confidentiality of the documents you send. All shipments are delivered directly from the sender to the recipient without delivery to other couriers. If you order a courier online , through the platform you can see the name and phone number of the courier who is responsible for your shipment. If by chance there is a problem with the entry / submission of documents (incomplete set of documents, incorrectly filled in, forgotten signature, etc.), our courier will call you to inform you and if necessary will return your documents to fix them and deliver them back to the NRA for entry and this can happen within a few hours. After entering / submitting the documents, we will provide you with the incoming number. 

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