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The annual tax return is filled in by all natural persons who received income as sole traders during the year, by persons who have paid patent tax, persons who have given or received a loan / s from companies or citizens with a total amount of more than 10,000 BGN or there are outstanding balances over  BGN 40,000 from loans granted or received during the year or in the previous five years, persons holding shares and stocks in companies and real estate abroad and persons who have acquired income from sources abroad, subject to final taxation. 

An annual tax return is not filed for income from employment contracts, for non-taxable income, as well as for income that is subject to final tax, such as interest income on bank accounts in Bulgaria. 

Annual tax return for individuals is filed every year until April 30, for the previous year, if you want to file the tax return by courier , on site at certain post offices against an incoming number or at the NRA office at a permanent address. If you want to do it online, this can happen until March 31, and for this purpose you need a runway or QES. ARC (personal identification code) is  issued free of charge by the offices of the NRA, you can request the issuance of the runway and by courier , as the courier will deliver your application to the NRA and will return the relevant runway. 

You can download the annual tax return with a barcode from the NRA website. Once you fill out your tax return, you can provide it to a courier company to deliver it directly to the NRA office, which will save you time and effort. During the period of filing tax returns, the offices of the National Revenue Agency are full of people and the filing itself takes a long time. If youdelegate this task to the courier , he will submit it for you, wait for your declaration to be processed and return the incoming number.  Submitting annual tax returns by courier is one of the fastest ways to file if you don't file it electronically. 

What are the pros to contact a courier company to file an annual tax return. The submission of the documents itself is fast, by ordering a courier online ,  without having to line up. Security and reliability when submitting declarations, our shipments are delivered directly by the courier who took the shipment without being handed over to other couriers , the documents themselves are placed in a courier envelope, which ensures the confidentiality of the delivery documents provided to us. The courier will wait for your declaration to be processed and return the incoming number. 

The price of a shipment is calculated as follows:

1.  Determine which shipment falls into which of the four categories

Documents - A4 document shipment
Shipping 30x20x20cm.
  - Shipment with maximum dimensions up to 30x20x20 cm.
Shipping 60x30x30cm. - Shipment with maximum dimensions up to 60x30x30 cm.
Shipping 150x40x40cm. - Shipment up to 1.5 m long and portable at once.
Shipping 200x50x50cm. - Shipment up to 2 m. length and not more than 5 pcs. packages.


2. Determine the collection and delivery addresses in which zone they fall. The zones are determined according to       neighborhoods in Sofia, each neighborhood falls into a certain area.


3. Open in the Price Tables, the Documents table, Shipment 30x20x20cm., Shipment 60x30x30cm., Shipment 150x40x40cm. or Shipment 200x50x50 cm, depending on the shipment. Check the pick-up and delivery area numbers. 

** The price table is only for the city of Sofia and the nearby settlements around Sofia. You can calculate the delivery price for another location using the calculator

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