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Execution of 
delegated tasks

Бъзи градски доставки за София

Courier services that  Delegate courier  are offered  express city courier services , and the implementation of almost any  a task that requires specific action from the courier, special attention and responsibility.

We can do it  deliveries of consignments requiring special attention from the courier , such as delivery of fragile items,  delivery of fragile goods or deliver flowers or cake .  


We can also provide a specific courier service  task in the form of a delegated task,  with which the courier will take time to meet specific requirements for delivery, such as picking up an incoming number, processing documents on the spot, agreeing on specific documentation, resolving cases during the delivery.

You can choose between next business day delivery or same business day delivery. Deliveries with guaranteed delivery time for the same business day are:
  delivery in 90 minutes , delivery in 3 hours or economical delivery by the end of the day.

Изпълнение н делегирани задачи
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