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Direct deliveries


  Probably everyone has had moments when they have to send something important to someone, but it must be urgent and fast to the recipient. The best option in such cases is to leave immediately and personally bring the necessary documents or belongings to the person. Yes, but we do not always have the time and opportunity to do so. Sometimes, you just can't dump everything, get in the car and go carry something important to someone, no matter how urgently they have to get it. In such cases, courier companies come to the rescue.

  In short, the services offered by these companies are analogous to the services offered by the post office. However, there is a difference in the quality of the service itself. Courier companies make delivery faster, maybe even express , if you want, the risk of losing the package is minimized, and it is also much more convenient - if you want, neither you nor the recipient will have to go somewhere - You to send, and the recipient to pick up the shipment. You will save costs for yourself and the recipient if you use the door-to-door delivery service. This means that an employee of the company will visit you and pick up the shipment, and then deliver it directly to its recipient. However, I do not want to explain here what types of services courier companies offer, but I want to pay attention to one specific service - direct deliveries .

What does direct delivery mean? Direct delivery is a service offered by courier companies, which is a fast delivery of the shipment to its recipient. It is also called an express service, and from its very name it is clear what this service means. As I wrote at the beginning, imagine that you have to send something to someone, but the thing in question must be very urgent with the recipient - today or tomorrow at the latest. You do not have the opportunity to leave everything else and leave immediately to bring it in person, what do you do then ?! The answer is simple and easy - look for a courier company and choose express service or direct delivery. You will specify this with the employees in the company's office. However, if you do not even have time to go to the courier's office, you can always order a courier who will come to your address and take the package to deliver it to the final recipient. You can do this by phone or through the company's website, through the " online courier request " option. In these cases, the type of service is specified by phone or when filling out the online courier application.

In cases when you are very busy and at the same time urgently need to hand something over to someone, the best solution is to look for a courier company and choose the direct delivery service. This is probably the only way when you can be sure that your shipment will arrive on time at the recipient, and besides you will not worry that it may stay somewhere along the way. You will also not have to go anywhere to send the package, nor will the recipient have to go anywhere to pick up the shipment. With the door-to-door service, the courier will come to you, pick up the shipment and deliver it directly to the recipient's door.

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