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Delegate куриер | Експресни доставки за София

Delegate courier - express delivery

Lately, people are using it more and more often  express delivery service. This is a type of service offered by courier companies . From its very name it is clear what it is - delivery , which is done immediately, express . Of course, it all depends on the distance from the sender to the recipient. For example, if you send something from Vidin to Smolyan, there is no way to deliver within an hour, for example. Simply physically this is impossible, as the distance is over 460 km, and it takes at least 6-7 hours to travel. Therefore, such a delivery will be made no later than the next working day, which is actually still express, because for ordinary deliveries, the deadlines are about a week.

 Express deliveries  are used when the consignment urgently needs to arrive at the consignee. For example, if you live in one part of Bulgaria and your relatives live in the other end, and you urgently need to send them documents or something else, then you should contact a courier company and choose the express delivery service. In itself, the name of this type of service speaks for itself.

 The advantages of this type of service are many, depending on the shipment in question. Let's take an example - you live more than 200-300 km from your parents. Although you are in one country, your parents need medicines, which are not available in their area, and where you live, these medicines are available in the pharmacy network. You buy them, and since it's about the health of your loved ones, instead of risking sending them by mail, where they won't arrive later, but are likely not to arrive at all, you're looking for a courier company. . But as I said, this is about the health of your loved ones, and for this reason you choose the express delivery service. Thanks to her, the medication in question will be with your parents the next day at the latest. In some cases, this can save lives.

 Another case when express delivery proves its advantages is, for example, if you live with your sister in different settlements, and she has a birthday tomorrow. You bought her a present, but you can't go and give it to her in person. Then you can contact a courier company again and take advantage of the express delivery service. An employee of the company will deliver the gift to your sister at the right time. So, both you will be happy that you made your sister happy on the occasion of her birthday, and she will be happy and pleasantly surprised that you have not forgotten her holiday.

Express deliveries have many advantages, depending on the case.  It doesn't matter if it is important documents , life-saving medicines or just a gift for some occasion, choosing express delivery , your shipment will be with the recipient no later than the next working day. And let's not forget that there is  courier companies that not only do not have a day off, but also work around the clock.

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