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delegate courier

City courier, specialized in  same day delivery  and delegated tasks !

Delegate  is a performance franchise  delegated tasks and urban supplies  for the same working day! 
After 11  years of refinement, now  you now have the opportunity to join us! You can get the experience and  success, no more mistakes ironed out over time.  Now you can get what we created and yes  to start it in EVERY EUROPEAN CAPITAL .... what do we offer you? 11  years of developed, improved and ready working business model. Developed, ready-made software for optimized work with minimal costs. Support from an outsourced call center in Sofia, which is also available to help partners. Light business model with minimal costs and easy start!
Start an easy business with clean rules and  cleared up mistakes, receiving help in their development, training their staff, promoting their services as part of a larger family.

If you are ... a young, positive and responsible partner, located in one of these capitals, where you will perform, organize  and own the work on site. You have a passion for work, and you are willing to put in the energy to be a part of it. We offer you a partnership!
Call  se +359 878 78 98 98. Kiril Bedrov.
The partnership is exclusive, only one for the capital. Don't wait!
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