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Delegate куриер | Куриер за един час,  бърз куриер,

Delegate courier  courier for one hour

You all know what services they offer  courier companies , so I don't think it makes sense to go into detail. I will just say that courier services are designed to facilitate not only business but also ordinary people, because probably everyone, at least once, had to send or be sent something, and for this purpose the services of one of the courier company .

The advantages of sending by courier compared to sending by mail are many. The first thing is the fact that when you send something with a courier company , it  will be with the recipient in a much shorter time than the post office. The other advantage is that the delivery itself is much safer. There is no risk of losing the shipment somewhere along the way, as the companies transport the shipments with their own cars and the post offices use the trains to send the shipments to a settlement. Convenience is another advantage of courier companies - to send something by mail you need to visit a post office to drop off the shipment, and the recipient must also visit a post office to receive it. However, if you do this with a company, you have the opportunity to order a courier - through the company's website or by phone. And then, if you choose the service  "Door to door" , an employee of the company will come to the address specified by you, will pick up the shipment and deliver it to the address of the recipient. This option will probably be a little more expensive, but on the other hand the quality of the service is much higher than sending by mail.

 One of the services that courier companies offer is "one hour courier" . What does this mean? This service is suitable for you if you need to send a package to someone who needs to receive it as soon as possible. This is a delivery within an hour . Of course, you can't think that if you send something from Silistra to Petrich, for example, it will be in Petrich in an hour - it's just physically and practically impossible - the distance is very long, and you just can't go in an hour. One-hour courier is available from point to point within the city. If you need to send something urgent to a more remote point in Bulgaria or abroad, you can choose an express service  - this is a courier service with the shortest possible delivery time.

 The advantages and conveniences of courier services are many, which makes them many times more preferred than post offices, where the procedure for delivering a letter or package is quite cumbersome and uncertain. I don't even know if there are still people who send something by mail - all my acquaintances use the services of a courier company - some for convenience, others for security, others for faster delivery . And they all prefer to pay a little more, but get a much better service.

One-hour courier is a service that you can also take advantage of. You do not need to be a company president, boss or business owner to use this service - it is available to every customer courier companies. Do not hesitate to use this service when you urgently need to send or receive something - high quality and express delivery are guaranteed.

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