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градски куриер
куриер за деня
Доставка с куриер на малки пакети за София
куриер до 90 минути

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shipment A4 format

Shipping 30x20x20cm.   

Shipment with maximum dimensions up to 30x20x20 cm.

Shipping 60x30x30cm.

Shipment with maximum dimensions up to 60x30x30 cm.

Shipping 150x40x40cm.

Shipment up to 1.5 m long and portable at once.

Shipping 200x50x50cm.  

Shipping up to 2m. length and not more than 5 pcs. packages.

According to the urgency of delivery,  Delegate courier offers  different species  city courier services .
They are divided into 4 categories with different delivery times , but not different importance.​

Икономичен куриер
Куриер за днес



The courier service "Direct delivery up to 90 minutes" has a lead time of 90 minutes  from the moment of its acceptance for implementation (status Adopted). The shipment is delivered directly from the sender to the recipient in the fastest possible way (faster than allowed ...).
For direct deliveries with a guaranteed lead time within the same day, a courier can be requested  until 16:30.

Куриер до 90 минути


The courier service "Standard delivery for 3 hours" has an average duration of 3 hours at the time of acceptance for execution (status Accepted). The shipment is taken by the sender and delivered to the recipient only against a name and signature. Standard delivery with a guaranteed lead time within the same day can be ordered until 15:00 . Shipments ordered after 15:00 are delivered if possible on the same day, but may remain for delivery the next day.

Куриер за 3 часа



Economical delivery for today with a guaranteed lead time within the working day can be ordered until 13:00 . Shipments are delivered with a delivery time  by the end of the working day. 




At  delivery by city courier for  24 hours , the shipment is delivered from the sender's address to the recipient's address, by the end of the next business day, for shipments ordered by 1 p.m.  The delivery is made according to the optimal route of the courier and can be picked up both on the day of ordering and on the day of delivery. Receipt of the shipment does not affect the delivery time. 

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