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Delegate software, защо ти е нужен такъв

Delegate software , why do you need one?

You make regular deliveries to multiple addresses daily with your own drivers. This means that you know how difficult it is to manage them. Transport sheets are filled in every day,  and to find out how far the driver has come or whether he has taken a certain shipment, how many shipments he has left and much more .. you have to keep calling. This is not necessary, with the help of Delegate software you can optimize the work of your drivers easily and quickly.

You will no longer need to write transport sheets, you can directly enter the delivery addresses through our platform and from there distribute them to your drivers. The platform has many options, you can enter sample requests if your deliveries are to the same addresses. You will also be able to get orders for orders and much more.

With the help of the software, your drivers will see all the loads you have assigned to them, directly on their smartphones without any more flying transport sheets. The driver will be able to note when he took the shipment and when he delivered it, will see the recipient's phone number, information about the company and most importantly his exact address, which is displayed in Google maps and navigation next to it, with current traffic and closed road sections.
You will be able to monitor in real time where each of your drivers is, so you can help them if they are late with a shipment, or redirect them to another address that is closer to them. The application is integrated with all operating systems and you will be able to monitor your drivers from anywhere.

You will be able to see the current delivery status of all your drivers at a glance, which of the orders have been delivered, which have been delayed and which still need to be delivered. 

Куриерски софтуер

Through our platform, your customers can directly order their deliveries to you. All you need to do is state that you want this option so we can enable it.
For the activation we will need the names of the customers, the name and phone number of the person who will request the shipments from the company itself, as well as the delivery addresses of your customers. After providing us with this information, we will make the necessary settings and provide you with an individual incoming number, password and link for each of your customers.
In this way, after entering the platform for entering and managing deliveries, they will be able to order their deliveries directly to you.

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