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Development of courier services in our country

We have said more than once that the number of courier companies in Bulgaria is increasing with each passing day. This is due to the fact that more and more consumers are looking for such services, and enterprising people register such companies and start courier activities , as existing courier companies currently cannot handle all requests. Another issue is that not everyone trusts a new company that is recently registered and for which there is no information. To some extent, people are right, because nowadays there are many attempts to defraud various schemes, and consumers are worried that the company may turn out to be such a fraudulent scheme. We have said many times that before you can trust a certain company, you should do research about it. However, what should you do if you do not find other people's opinions about the chosen company?

If you come across a courier company for which you do not find any information, it does not mean that the company is not correct. It may just be new, and there are still no reviews from other users. In such cases, you can check if this company really exists. The company's website must have information about it - name, address, phone , UIC, etc. Finding the UIC or the name of the company, you can check in the commercial register whether this company is properly registered under applicable law. This does not mean 100% that the company is correct, but it is still a kind of guarantee that it is at least registered and existing, and not some phantom that is not listed anywhere. You can make such a reference by name or UIC on the Internet, through the website of the Commercial Register. But that's enough for the research and references.

Let's see why courier activity in Bulgaria is one of the fastest growing areas. As we have already said, more and more people are looking for the services of courier companies . This is because our daily lives are too busy and stressful, and we do not always have time to go to our loved one or partner and give him something (documents or something else) that he needs urgently . In such cases, there are several solutions - we postpone the delivery of documents for another day when we are freer, send them by mail or look for a courier company through which to send them. The latter option is the best, especially if it is something urgent. First, because sending anything by courier is faster - if you want, you can choose an express service, and thus the shipment will be with the recipient as soon as possible . Secondly, because it is safer - the risk of losing the shipment  almost non-existent, and third, courier services offer a convenience that the other two options lack - if you want, you can order a courier who will come to you to pick up the shipment, and you will continue to perform your other duties without have to go somewhere to drop off or deliver your shipment. In addition, courier services have become an integral part of every business - when you need to send important documents to your business partner, but do not have time to go and hand them over in person, courier services are again your decision.

There are a number of other reasons that make courier activity in Bulgaria a rapidly developing field, but I think we have highlighted the most important, and I stop here.

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