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 We have already talked dozens of times about courier services , about the companies that offer such services, about the price and quality of services , etc. And in all the topics we have focused on courier services within the settlement or within the country. Now, however, I want to look at courier services abroad, as well as what we need to know when choosing a courier company .

Probably not all, but most courier companies offer their services abroad. This means that you can send different things to someone who is outside Bulgaria. Before courier companies started offering these services, this was only possible by sending by mail. The services offered by the post office are similar to those of courier companies, but in the postal service the shipment arrives after a much longer period of time at the recipient, not as convenient as courier services , as you have to visit a post office to send the package . and there is also a risk that the package will not reach the recipient at all, especially when it comes to a shipment abroad. This is due to the fact that the post offices use public transport and the delivery of packages abroad involves many transfers from one vehicle to another. It is during these transfers that your shipment may fall somewhere or be forgotten in one of the vehicles. Courier companies have their own transport, and their employees personally take care of transporting the shipment to the recipient. When it comes to shipments abroad, if the selected company does not have an office in the country to which you want to send, it will have a contract with a local courier company to deal with shipments after their arrival in the country. This minimizes the risk of not receiving the shipment.

  In addition, if you wish, you can visit the courier 's office to drop off the shipment, but if you do not have free time, you can request a courier who will visit you at a convenient time and pick up the package . The recipient can also pick up his shipment from the courier 's office, or receive it at a specified address at a convenient time. The delivery of the shipment takes place in person , regardless of whether it will be sent and received at an office or from address to address. Of course, the second option saves time for both you as the sender and the recipient.

  When choosing a courier company , especially when it comes to sending abroad, it is very important to do a little "research" of the chosen courier company. This study consists of seeking information from other users. The easiest way to get the information you need is to type the name of the company you choose into a search engine, such as Google. From the results you will see, you should choose a site (forum) where people who have trusted a company have shared their opinion about it - are they satisfied with the service, does the quality justify the price , etc. Another option is to ask an acquaintance of yours who you know has sent something to people abroad. He will tell you which company he has used, whether he is satisfied with the services of the particular company, etc. This will greatly facilitate your choice of courier company abroad.

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