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Градски куриер

In recent years, there has been a tendency for more and more businesses to turn to courier companies focused on delivering urgent items for today, the so-called city courier.

This phenomenon intensified in the situation of lockdown in which we were placed, just then a number of organizations realized the need for a city courier. Apart from that, consumer attitudes are changing, many online retailers have resorted to fast delivery services provided by city couriers. The users of the online stores themselves want to receive their shipment as quickly as possible and this is where city couriers can be useful. The latest research on the subject shows that 80% of customers of online stores are willing to place an order from retailers who offer them the option of fast city delivery in hours.

What are the benefits of using a fast city courier for city shipments:

  • City couriers are very flexible, they can react extremely quickly in almost any situation.

  • City couriers specialize in delivering shipments within the city.

  • The speed of delivery of the shipments, the city courier can offer the business extremely fast and express delivery of the shipment.

  • Delivery of fragile, temperature sensitive and fragile shipments. Due to the nature of the work, the city courier is the right choice when delivering flowers, cakes or fragile items.

  • Delivery of business correspondence, the city courier can make delivery to any institution to enter the documents, deliver a contract for signature to the client and return it within a day.

  • It is possible to assign an additional task to the city courier to perform your delivery, in the form of a delegated task. For example, assign him: to go to the dry cleaner, to go to your personal doctor for a sick note and so on.

  • The city courier could make a purchase for you from your favorite store and deliver the desired product .

We are a city courier specializing in the implementation of urgent city deliveries within the city of Sofia. We offer different types of services that can meet all your needs and requirements. We know that every business is different and needs an individual solution. If you have specific requirements for the delivery of your shipments, we can make the delivery.

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