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Cheap Courier Services

Compromise or criteria?

  You know that the greater the competition in an area, the lower the prices of goods or services. Of course, the end user benefits the most. In the field of courier companies  things are the same - high demand, high supply - a constantly increasing number of courier companies , of course, and great competition - low prices. If we have to make a comparison between the prices of several  courier companies , the difference will be minimal, if any. However, if we compare the prices of shipping companies and the prices of post offices for the same services, the post offices offer a much lower price, but also lower quality of the service itself.

When you send something by mail, it will arrive at the recipient at least a week later, as at courier companies , one week is the maximum time. In addition, when sending something by mail, there is a risk that it will get lost somewhere along the way and not reach the final recipient at all. Courier companies do not have this problem, because they transport shipments with their own cars, there is no constant transfer from one vehicle to another, and in addition, each shipment is monitored to ensure that it does not accidentally fall behind somewhere in the chain. These reasons lead to increased demand for courier services , although their prices are slightly higher than those in the post office. People prefer to pay a little more but get paid  better service - shorter delivery time, greater security in transport, more convenient ways  for sending and receiving, etc. However, when I say that the prices of freight forwarding companies are slightly higher, do not think that these are some cosmic sums - nothing like that, a shipment, such as a package up to 1 kg, from point to point in the country, however depends on the distance from point A to point B, but it costs about 6-7 BGN, which is not much, given the shorter delivery time, greater security and greater convenience in sending and receiving .

Too much  cheap courier services  however, they are questioned. This is due to the increasing number of fraud attempts in recent years under various schemes. Therefore, when you are looking for a courier company and you have already chosen one that you hear for the first time, but you are wondering whether to trust it or not, you just need to type the name of the specific company in one of the search engines on the Internet. Then open a forum in which other people have decided to share publicly their opinions and impressions of the company, whether they are satisfied or not. You should know that there is no company for which there are only positive reviews - you know very well that it is impossible for everyone to be equally happy with something. However, when making your final choice, choose the company for which the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones. Then you just need to contact the selected company and specify the details of the shipment, the type of service, the method of sending and receiving, etc.

I would not say that cheap courier services are a compromise or criteria. As I have already said, too low prices are questionable, and acceptably low prices for most  courier companies  due to increased competition.

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