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There are different types of delivery of shipments : delivery of a shipment within a day , delivery of a shipment for the next day , delayed delivery of a shipment ... These are just a small part of the different types of delivery , according to the execution time.  

In this article we will try to give you more detailed information about  the main categories of supplies  on shipments.

The most common courier service is  delivery of a shipment according to the execution time is the delivery for the next working day . In this type of shipment, they are ordered from the previous day and delivered to the courier at the end of the day. They must be delivered within the next working day. More courier companies make this type of delivery daily to the cities, and when a shipment is directed to a smaller town or village, the delivery is made on a schedule of visits to the town by courier. Most often for small settlements the schedule is twice a week. 

Another case is the delivery of a shipment for today or fast delivery . For this type of service, a shipment is picked up on the same day of the application and delivered on the same day . For intraday deliveries there are different services, according to the urgency of delivery - direct delivery in 90 minutes , delivery in 3 hours , delivery within the working day. Intraday delivery is a very flexible and complex service, through which you can best meet the needs of customers if you send to them. Also, if you are sending important documents, this is the right service. By means of  delivery within the day or faster, your documents will be with the recipient today, without worrying about deadlines or confusion. 

The last of the main categories of deliveries according to the time of execution is delayed delivery of a shipment. With this type of delivery , you state that you need a courier on a specific date, this type of delivery is very typical when you have to send a very large volume of shipments at once. It is often used by companies that produce products and is waiting for the collection of the entire request from the customer. 

All three types of deliveries have their pros and cons, but when choosing a type of delivery you must take into account the specifics of the product you send and the needs of the customer. The most rational solution is to give the customer the opportunity to choose which of the three types of delivery he wants. In this way, your customers will be satisfied, and what better than happy and satisfied customers . 

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