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"Direct" up to 90 minutes - for the most urgent deliveries in Sofia 

When ordering direct delivery , the shipment is delivered directly from the sender's address to the recipient's address by the courier in the fastest possible way. The term of the direct city deliveries is 90 minutes from the moment of its acceptance for implementation (status Accepted). Once the request is accepted for execution by courier , within 30 minutes the shipment will be picked up by the sender and the rest by the 90th minute, it will be delivered to the recipient.

The courier service "Direct delivery up to 90 minutes " can be ordered until 16:30.

Директна доставка за 90 минути
Доставка за 2 дни

Delivery by the end of the next working day ....

The shipment is delivered by the end of the working day ...

Доставка за днес

Shipment is delivered within 3 hours ...

Доставка за 3 часа
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