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Thank you for your interest. We will be happy to be of help. The services that we can deliver for you are meant for people and companies with limited time to perform tasks that require special attention and responsibility. We can assist you in delivering consignments you find very urgent, where you should take the time to meet specific requirements for delivery by making a registration number, document processing on-site, coordination of specific documentation, solving cases which occur during the execution of supply.

According to the urgency of delivery services are divided into three categories with different period of performance, but not of different importance.



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The consignment is delivered directly from sender to recipient in the fastest possible way (faster than allowed ...) with a guaranteed delivery time within 90 min. of ordering. Direct deliveries for the same day will be accepted not later than 16:30.



The consignment is taken from the address of the sender and delivered to the specified address of the recipient for a signature. The consignment is delivered within the same day of filing with the average duration of 3 hours. The hours of pickup and delivery can be fixed on request. Shipments with a guaranteed delivery time on the same day will be accepted not later than 15:00. Consignments accepted after this hour will be possibly  delivered on the same day, but it is possible to be delivered on the next day.



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