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same day courier franchise opportunity 

same day courier franchise opportunity 

Delegate is a franchise for same day deliveries and delegated tasks
We help our client to do their daily work easily and more effectively! 

After more than 11 years improving Delegates is now ready for its next step - multiply in every European capital as a franchise. It's 11 years development, improvement and an active business model with clear rules is simple to implement. Developed ready software for optimized operation and costs. Profitable and competitive outsourced call center in Sofia.
The whole work on receiving purchases by telephone is organized by the franchisor and there is no need for the franchisee to search for and hire someone to work in the call center. The franchisor provides the franchisee with call center service by hiring, training, managing and administrating operators as it is financially effective to operate with based in Sofia, Bulgaria call center.
It is a light business model with minimal cost to you and hassle-free start, possible even by just one person, even without any experience in the field.
Now you have the opportunity to take an exclusive partnership for your capital and to develop it as your own franchise business. You will receive our support, we will help you with our experience and knowledge. We will provide you our resources for your success.
If you are .... young, positive and responsible partner, situated in a European capital, where you will organize, own the rights and be responsible for the business there. If you have a passion for development and willing to invest energy to become a part of this. We offer you a partnership!
Call +359 878 78 98 98. Kiril Bedrov.
The franchise is exclusive, only one per capital. Do not wait!
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The consignment is taken from the address of the sender and delivered to the specified address of the recipient for a signature. The consignment is delivered within the same day of filing with the average duration of 3 hours. The hours of pickup and delivery can be fixed on request. Shipments with a guaranteed delivery time on the same day will be accepted not later than 15:00. Consignments accepted after this hour will be possibly  delivered on the same day, but it is possible to be delivered on the next day.



The consignment is delivered directly from sender to recipient in the fastest possible way (faster than allowed ...) with a guaranteed delivery time within 90 min. of ordering. Direct deliveries for the same day will be accepted not later than 16:30.



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outsourced call center

for all franchisees

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The consignment is delivered in an optimized courier route with delivery deadline from three hours to the end of the next business day. Orders placed before 13:00 will be delivered by the end of the same day.

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